Proiectul Twinning Light

Perioada de derulare: 2005-2006

Narrative description of Project:

The Government Memorandum about measures for the rehabilitation of the Mental Health (MH) care system in Romania confirmed an improvement is necessary. Besides the restructuring of the care system and the development of ambulatory psychiatric assistance, training programs for medical staff and specialised training for the family physicians (GPs) in the field of mental health were mentioned as features for the next future.

The expected result of the GP training has been formulated as the Training Program for continuous medical education in the field of mental health will equip 36 trainers (GPs working in psychiatric hospitals or in general practice offices) in the area of general psychiatry, actual possible therapeutic treatments, including the impact and costs and psychiatric patient rights. Further they will be informed about rehabilitation and reintegration programs. Than they should can deliver training sessions to at least another 360 GPs working in psychiatric hospitals or general practice offices.

To project was performed in Bucharest and Iasi together with some experienced physicians of the CNSMF, two psychiatrists and a psychologist.


Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Assessment of needs for practice guidelines and for training of professionals working in the mental health area.
  • Preparation of curricula for continuous medical education in the field of mental health for targeted relevant professional groups.
  • Organisation of training of trainer’s sessions.