Proiectul VUNICRED

Pilot GP vocational training Romania 2007

partnership with Vrjie Universitat Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Medicine University Craiova

Name of associated Consultants, if any:

Prof. Dr. W. Stalman, professor GP

Drs. P.L. Schoonheim head GP vocational training

Drs. W. Willems, staff member GP vocational training

Dr. H. de Vries, head basic curriculum

J. Stam, general practitioner, advisor


Narrative description of Project:

The pilot start in 2007 with a group of GP trainees and GP trainers following the Dutch system: self-managed learning, independent contacts with patients and weekly cursory education based on reflection of experiences.

The medical faculty of Craiova has to organize a group of GP trainees and couple these trainees with a group of CNSMF GO trainers.

The GP trainers and tutors get a specific training by the GP vocational training VUmc and are supported via internet . Educational material is made available via internet and could be made suitable for the cursory education by one of our Romanian partners.

In the long run the Romanian curriculum has to be adapted and competences and  end terms have to be formulated to facilitate further development of the GP vocational training.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

  • Selection of the GPs participants in the project
  • Preparation of curricula for academic education in the field of family medicine for residents in family medicine
  • Teaching GP trainers.

Training tutor